Monday, December 31, 2012

California trip

Since we are unemployed and on the verge of nervous breakdowns we decided might as well drive to California and have them in warmer weather.

We were there for 19 days and they were glorious!

We got to have some real quality time with grandma and mom-mom mainly. We hung out with them pretty much every single day and I am so glad we did this. Jon also watched his grandma at night which I think she loved because the few nights he didn't do it she was not a happy camper with whoever else did the night shift. I saw my husband do things for his grandma that I never imagined seeing him do and it made me fall deeper in love with this man. I truly married one amazing guy and he just keeps on showing me reasons why he is the best.

We spend Christmas there and Bentley got to enjoy having some quality time with all of his cousins. Everyone drove in to spend the holidays together which is always a crazy fun time.

We swam, ate yummy food, went to a few parties, had lunch with grandma every day, went hot tubbing, went to a street fare, met our new niece, took the boys to a day at the park, played games at night, had a wedding, celebrated 2 birthdays, went to the casinos twice and so much more that I cannot remember this late at night.

Bentley got to have 2 date nights with mom-mom, got completely spoiled for Christmas, got stuck watching girly movies during the cousin sleepover, ran more laps around Meme's house than I thought possible, got to take showers in a huge shower, went swimming every day, caught the flu, cried a lot, missed home and his animals, fed ducks, ran around the Marriott while playing tug, rode his bike, tried more food than he ever has, ate more than ever before and so much more.

I got to have some girl talk with all the girls in the family, got spoiled and went to the spa, got an amazing facial, went out to dinner for a girls night while, went wedding dress shopping for my new sister-in-law, got left and forgotten at the mall by mom, felt like a teenager again, ate yummy grapefruits and so much more.

Honestly we were so busy the whole time, on the go every day. Thank goodness.

We all had a blast like we always do. We never want to come home but such is life and we are not trust fund babies no matter how bad we wish we were so back to reality to figuring out what we are going to do with our lives.

I know the Lord is watching us and knows our needs so I am trying to not freak out.

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