Thursday, October 27, 2011

Car accident

Well yesterday while Jon was on his way home from the store to pick Baby and I up, he got in a car accident.

Super scary!

A guy ran a red light and we believe it had to do with him texting. Jon wasn't able to stop in time and hit the guy. It totaled our car. Thank goodness nothing too serious happened to Jon. Jon had 2 witnesses who saw that Jon had a green light and then other guy ran a red light plus there were other witnesses who talked to the cops so the guy in the other car got a citation for failure to stop at a red light.

The other guy though wasn't as lucky as Jon. He wasn't wearing a seat belt so he was unconscious when the police got there and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

By late evening I took Jon to the hospital with a massive headache and some back and knee pain. If my husband says he is in pain its serious cause he is never in pain and I have seen him come close to cutting a finger and act like nothing happened.

We ended up having to pay for the car rental yesterday and the hospital bill and when money is tight that is no fun. However this morning we got good news from the other guys insurance that they are taking full liability of the accident and they already called the car rental and are having them return the deposit to us and they are paying to everything.

Now we just sit and wait to see if the car is really totaled, which we think it is, or if they are going to try and fix. Either way I am sad about my car but that's life.


Charla said...

I can relate to how you felt the day your husband got into a car accident. I'll be scared too when that happened to someone I love. I'm really glad that nothing serious happened to your husband that day, except cope with some minor injuries. It was great that your bill was reimbursed the next day. The whole thing was not your husband's fault. I would have advised the both of you to be careful next time, but I really understand that accidents are inevitable sometimes.

Charla Mcguyer

Alecia said...

Thankfully, nothing too serious happened to Jon. It is also good that the other party took responsibility for their actions. Texting while driving is a common cause of road mishaps, but a lot of people still do it. Do you think a bigger penalty would prevent people from texting while driving? I think that is one effective way to teach violators a lesson.

Alecia Longsworth

Mike said...

Crossing the road while the red light is still on is an extremely dangerous act. Not to mention, the guy that you speak of was texting. It’s a good thing that the liable person had insurance coverage, as the company covered your expenses. However, it’s best that you got in touch with a good car accident lawyer now. You never know when these things might happen again, and it’s best to have someone you know you can trust to defend you.

Mike Clark

Cornell Finkel said...

Mike is right. Drivers must follow traffic light signals and should avoid texting while on the road to prevent accident. Good thing that the offender has an insurance coverage to pay for your expenses and hospital bills as well. The next time that you encounter this type of accident (hopefully not), I suggest that you hire a good personal injury attorney that can legally help you to claim for any damages and injuries made.

Tracy Pierre

Issac Hatch said...

Since a year has passed, I assume you guys have recovered from the accident. :) May I ask, did the guy's insurance pay for the car repair? I hope they did. Because if they didn’t, you can sue them, Laura, as they are liable for the accident.

Issac Hatch