Monday, June 27, 2011

My sister has moved out

As of last Sunday my sister no longer lives with my parents. She moved out with some friends.

Of course I am now getting the blame for it as I always get blamed for everything.

I never told her to move out though, her bishop was the one who told her she needed to be out of that house.

My friend who is a cop also told me that she needed to be out of that house because abuser barely ever get better, for the most part it gets worse. He also said that abusers have a cycle that they all follow, which I thought was interesting and so true. Right after they explode they go thru the honeymoon stage where they try to win you over and will get you things and be super nice to everyone. Then the next stage they call the winding stage, everything bothers then and they are just building all the rage up. Then comes the explosion. The thing about abusers is that any of these stages can last anywhere from hours to years so you never know when they will actually explode or what will make them explode. That's why NO ONE should be living with an abuser.

I have for sure seen all of these stages in my father but he is not willing to accept that he is an abuser and until he does he will not get better. I just hope once the rest of my siblings are out of the home my mother doesn't end up dead. Cause I don't care what she says I am almost positive he beats her. Normally an abuser doesn't only beat the children most of the time he beats the wife too. Not only that but why the hell is she so afraid of him.

Anyways going back to my sister moving out she decided to do while my parents were in church so that their wouldn't be any drama. Once my parents got home of course my mom called her and told her how cruel of my sister it was to do this to them. She also kept on asking where she was moving to which my sister does not want to tell them because of obvious reasons and my mother could not believe this and told my sister that she has a right to know where she is living, haha, no she does not. My sister told her she is over 18 and does not need to let them know where she is staying. Later on in the day my mother called my sister to tell her that she needed to call my father and let him know why she moved out to which my sister just ignored her. She does not need to let my father know anything. They still want to try and control her what is wrong with these people.

So now my mother who after everything happened would call me about twice a day to see how I was doing. Even though it was weird and awkward she still did it but on Sunday she ignored my phone calls and yesterday she called me and when I asked her how she was doing she said good and I told her not to lie to me and then told me she had to go. I am now guessing I won't be hearing from her too much.

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