Monday, June 20, 2011

The lady at the supermarket

While trying to go to the supermarket the other day, Baby had a complete melt down as we were about to walk into the store.

I was with my friend and her daughter and Baby saw her sippy cup and decided he wanted a sippy cup which I totally spaced out on and forgot to bring. Of course the one day I forget to bring it he wants it.

I calmly explain to him that I will buy him one once we are inside but he didn't want to hear that so he threw himself on the floor in the middle of the parking lot. Embarrassing much? Uhhh....yeah he knows how to work it.

I decided however that going inside would just not be a good idea so my friend went in with her daughter while I tried to calm him down. I picked him up and took him to our car but there was no way of getting him into the car so he continued to throw his tantrum for what seemed like forever but I am sure was about 15-20 minutes. Long enough for a guy to come around and check to see what was going on and tell me that it sounded like he was being killed.

Right after that a sweet older lady came over to me and told me how great of a job I was doing and how I must be an amazing mom. This totally made my day! I am by no mean a great or amazing mom but I sure am trying and with my daily prayer I think I am having more and more patience with my little man. Honestly though this lady must have known I needed to hear that she was super sweet even gave Baby a treat for him to get in his car seat which he did.

It is honestly that simple to make a persons day. I might make it a goal of mine to say things like this to other moms cause I sure do understand what they are going thru.


Midwayedancer said...

I so agree. I always try to give mom's a sympathetic look when I see that they are caught in a public meltdown. I've certainly been there enough times!

Brad and Danielle said...

What a nice lady. Bless her for taking the time! She is a great example to all of us. Just like you said, we should make time to make other peoples' day.