Friday, June 17, 2011


Before leaving for our vacation I spoke to my mother to try and understand why she would allow the things that have happened to happen. I feel like I really need to understand her cause if I don't then our relationship with be ruined. I believe there is a reason she allowed this to have happened.

I am starting to think that she was and is afraid of my father which leads me to believe that if he has really never hit her he has verbally abused her and threatened her. I cannot believe he calls himself a man but whatever.

While talking to her she let me know that before this even happened she was starting to believe that he thinks I am putting ideas in my moms head and that ever since she moved to Utah she has changed. I guess she doesn't obey him as much, oh goodness you don't want that right? Here it is the control issues. And to top that off she believes he is jealous of the relationship my mother and I have created.

I will make sure now that I continue to have a relationship with her cause now I really see that he is trying to isolate her from her only support system.

How sad because if my son grows up to have a great relationship with his father I would be nothing but happy about it.

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