Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My precious Baby

My precious Baby, he is just simply amazing. He must know mami is going thru a hard time cause he is pulling all the stops to make me laugh.

Just the other night he put his bummy on my face and said "eat it" hahaha, where does he get this from. Then he will fart and bust out laughing. Or how about when he runs up to me for no reason throughout the day and give me a huge hug and kiss and tell me "I wow you". He totally melts my heart. I just love him to pieces.

I have been putting him down to bed ever since this happened and I am cherishing those moments with him when he is just sweet as can be. He caresses my face and my hair and tells me over and over again that he loves me and gives me nonstop kisses. It is giving that extra want to be the best mother I can possibly be to him.

He is too precious for me to be willing to lose him. I never want him to go thru what I have had to. It is just not fair for any child to have to go thru that.

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