Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This kind of thing should not be happening.

I am beyond shocked at the amount of messages I have been getting with people telling me how my story is so similar to theirs. Breaks my heart. How is there so many parents out there who can do this?

Something needs to happen in this country and in the world to make people understand that this is not okay. Our Heavenly Father is probably sitting up there watching down crying his eyes out knowing that the precious gifts he gave to parents are being treated this way instead of being loved.

I have found and article that EVERY single parents needs to read. Whether you are LDS or any other religion. It is the only way we should be parenting. I will be printing this article and keeping it somewhere I can read it constantly.

Here is the link please take a few minutes to read this. I promise you it won't be wasted time.

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Mimi said...

You are a strong woman. Thank you for taking a stand against this!