Sunday, June 5, 2011

My siblings

I feel so bad for them.

One is probably off getting drunk which is probably not a good way to cope with this. The other two are just trying to keep their mouth shut and not say much or be seen much while at home. What kind of life is that.

I feel like my parents on purpose have made my siblings depend on them this much as a way to control them and keep them from saying anything.

All abusers do this!

How many signs do you need to see before you realize what this person is? If it talks like a duck and walks like a duck then its a duck, right?

I just hope that all my siblings go and get the help they need but I doubt it. My parents will probably not allow them to do that.

A few years ago my one brother was seeing a therapist and my father stopped allowing my brother to go. Wait and listen to the reason why cause it's pretty amazing......because the therapist was okay with a grown man masturbating. Now I believe my father was probably getting scared of what my brother would say to the therapist.

My siblings came over today to pick up some things my sister had left here and I swear it was like they were timing them because before long my mother was calling telling them they needed to leave now and go home.

I just cannot believe this is really happening!

My brother did tell me that a few years ago when we last went to Costa Rica that he told any family member that he talked to that my father was beating us and that none of them could believe it. They all said "no, David, I don't believe it". How sad, my brother was screaming out for help even 7 years ago.

That same brother hates my father so much that about 10 years ago he stopped calling him dad, he will only call him David. And a few years back he told my father that he better pray to God that he dies before my mother because if my mother dies first he would rather see him die than help him out in any way. That is so sad. My mom knew my brother said this to him and not for a second did she stop to think why he would say this. All she said was "well your brother doesn't have a heart".

How about that man you live with? If he has a heart its made out of ice.

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