Thursday, November 26, 2009


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We got to go to my cousins house for dinner and it was yummy. She had 2 turkeys one was baked and the other was fried. Plus there were tons of side dishes. I think I might have some left overs in a little bit they were so yummy. I am so thankful to my cousin and for how sweet and giving she is. I love living near her. I tell my husband all the time that I don't think I can leave Ogden just because she lives nearby.

I wasn't able to post the other day but tonight I got baby down already and hubby is cleaning the kitchen. What a great guy I have.

I have a few updates so here it goes:

-I took my US citizenship test and passed it, YAY! I posted about this on facebook and people were confused, some thought I was born here, others thought I already was one and then others thought that I married my husband for a green card. Hahaha! First of I was not born here I was born in Costa Rica. Second of all I did NOT marry my husband for a green card. When I married my husband I had been a permanent resident for about 10 years, so I was legal, people. My dad and my siblings are all US citizens so I was the only one left with my mom (my mom failed the test since her english is not good). I had been putting it off for years and I don't really know why, I'm just weird like that how many people would die to be able to become a US citizen but finally my green card was expiring so I figured it was time. I still am not a US citizen but I will be as of January 6th, 2010 and I am super excited about being able to get a US passport. Also exciting is that when you apply for citizenship you can change your name to anything you want and I chose to finally change my last name to my husbands last name legally. A lot of people think I am a Doulas legally already but I am not I just go by it and sign things as Doulas but legally I still have my maiden name.

-Our heater broke about a week ago and this totally blows since we do not have the money to get it fixed. Thank goodness for space heaters which have been keeping us nice and cozy. I try to not be at home during the day since everywhere else other than our bedroom is freezing. Since it is freezing everywhere else the house is a mess because I do not feel like cleaning or doing anything inside the house. Oh and to top it off we call our property manager and when he checked it out he tells us it was our fault for not changing the filter which we didn't even know it existed. I don't understand why it is that if you are renting a house why do they not tell you where everything is at when you move in. We had changed a filter and thought that was the one but I guess it wasn't. That's why we have to pay to get it fixed. It really sucks not having money to pay for simple things and then to have this happen, ahhhh!

-I have been a little depressed because it seems my husband works all the time and we just cannot get out of this hole we are in. Me working is out of the question since by the time we are done paying a babysitter and gas there is no money left from me working. A lot of changes will be happening in the next few months for us as we try to down size. We really have been living for a while like we had tons of money when we really didn't. My husband has really tried to spoil my in so many ways and now we can no longer do this. It's sad to have to give up the nice things but that's life and we have to do what we have to do to be able to survive.

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