Thursday, November 19, 2009

day 9...What am I grateful for...

I am grateful for my brothers. I have 2 brothers, they are Will and Aaron.

There is my brother Will, right now he is serving a mission and he is just the biggest example to me. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel, I told him the other day that I only wish I could have a testimony half as strong as he does. He has really been tested while on his mission, its one thing after another and he still believes in the church and is going strong and is determined to finish his mission. I would be home by now no doubt about it. Before he left for his mission other than my husband he was my best friend, I could always tell him anything and he would listen and never judge me. He knows all my deepest secrets which are not that deep but still.

Then there is my brother Aaron is hilarious he always knows what to say to make me laugh. I always say he is cheap but in reality any time I have needed his help financially he has always been there. I loved having him stay with us for 3 months during the summer. He was so sweet with baby. Also right now he is going thru some difficult time, he was recently diagnosed with myotonic dystrophy which to my understanding is a slow progressing, inherited disease, it is characterized by wasting of the muscles. Sad I know but my brother is such a trooper he really is not letting this get in the way. He still has plans to go on a mission and have a family and do the normal things everyone else does, let me tell you he is the most active person I know. He runs miles and miles a day. He is really determined to fight this. I look up to him so much, I do not think I would be dealing with it as well as he is.

Anyways I really was blessed with some amazing brothers.

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