Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 8...I forgot to do this yesterday

Oppps! I was just running around all day yesterday and totally forgot to update my blog with what I am thankful. First let me tell you what I have been up to. On Tuesday morning I woke up and my boob was really full which is not uncommon if baby doesn't eat as much before I put him down and then the other feeding that happens at some point during the night. So I got up and went on about my day, after putting baby down for his nap I went down stairs to fold the laundry and as time past by I started to feel worse and worse. My whole body started to hurt and I had chills plus my head was hurting. Immediately I thought that I was coming down with a cold so I started to take some things for it. I came upstairs and took a shower thinking that might make me feel better but no it just got worse and to top it off my boob was hurting so bad. I called Jon and told him to come home early cause I didn't want to be around baby and get him sick so he did and I just slept almost all day. By night time I was feeling horrible so I ended up taking some heavy pain killers which worked wonders I was able to sleep like a baby. Before going to bed my SIL called and I told her my symptoms and she told me that it sounded like it was either a cold or mastitis which sometimes have some of the same symptoms. She told me to wait till the next day to see if it got worse or what. I wake up yesterday and I was feeling totally fine no more symptoms other than my boob hurting. WEIRD!! So now I am thinking maybe its just a clogged duct. Who knows but today I am feeling back to normal. I guess if anything my immune system is in pretty good shape from taking all that vitamin c and other natural stuff.

Ok so its now time for what I am grateful for...yesterday I was grateful for my husband having the day off from work. He was able to help me out with baby while I got some much needed rest since I wasn't feeling all the day back to normal. I think I really do have the best husband in the world. On his only day off from work and what does he do, watch the baby for me to sleep. Yeah I am one lucky girl.

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