Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 11...

I am grateful for our good neighbors. Out of everywhere that I have lived this is the only place where we have had such nice neighbors. They are friendly, nice, helpful, giving and many more things. Specially our neighbor James he is just awesome. Whenever I have gotten locked out of the house he has helped or if we need to borrow anything for our lawn he lends it to us. When we first moved in there was a neighbor who went around the whole block cleaning the snow off the sidewalks and driveways. I mean I really have never seen this anywhere else. Whenever we move out of this neighborhood I will really miss my neighbors.

Last night out heater broke and so it is freezing inside the house. This morning as I was getting ready to take baby over to my cousins to give him a bath in a warm house my neighbor was out and I waved hello and he asked if he could come over and see the baby which of course I said yes to. I told him not to mind how baby looked that I was taking him to go get a bath and so then I told him how I heater was broken. He asked to see what was going on with it and I am sure that if he could have fixed it he would have he got all dirty trying to see what the problem might be. How awesome is that. Oh and he wife is pretty awesome too, the day we brought baby home for the first time within like 30 minutes she was over with a cake, which was so delicious. Ok one more example, my next door neighbors have fruit trees. One day I had run out of pears and baby was on this pear thing where he only wanted to eat pears so I send Silvia over to go buy some from them and they just gave us some pears for free.

I really do live in a pretty sweet neighborhood and I have some pretty awesome neighbors.

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kel said...

Neighbors can be a blessing or a curse! Luckily I've got the blessing variety, just like you!