Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 10...

Today I am grateful for our cousin Huong. She is married to my husbands cousin, did you get that? They happen to live in Philadelphia and its a funny story about how I met them, actually I will tell you at the end of this post. Anyways she called me the other day and asked me if I was going back home for Thanksgiving and I told her no cause the tickets were too much and right now we don't have that kind of money to spend. So then she tell me that she has a voucher for southwest airlines that will be expiring in December and no one in her family can use it, so she said that if I found a flight that I could use it. Well I got super excited because I really was planning of going to Philly with baby in November but with the money situation it didn't happen and I was super bummed so when she told me that I got on the internet right away and found a ticket. I only paid about $70 for the whole thing, isn't that amazing? She totally has made me the happiest right now. I just thought that was so sweet of her to think of me and offer me that.

Ok now the story of how I met her and her husband. Well my husband and I met online, I think everyone already knows that and so I feel pretty comfortable saying it, when we first got married we told different stories, hahaha. Jon and I had been talking online for about a month and then we started talking on the phone for about another month before he told his cousin about me. The only thing was that he told his cousin that he had met me thru a friend on one of my trips to Utah and then he told him that I was from Philly. Jon told his cousin how much he liked me and blah blah blah. Since they live in Philly they asked for my number and Jon gave it to them and then calls me and tells me that his cousins want to take me out to dinner to meet me. Mind you his cousin thinks that Jon and I had already met so this was really weird for me but hey I went along for the ride. We made plans and met up at a sushi restaurant near Villanova University. This was the most awkward meal ever!!. They kept on asking question of how Jon and I met and I was totally trying to dodge their questions. Now looking back I am sure they thought I was weird. Anyways the mean ended and I went home and right away Jon called them to find out what they thought and if they thought I was cute, hahaha, he was making sure that I was not some ugly fat chick. So then I move to Utah a month later and we end up getting married that summer and the whole time his cousin is thinking that the story he knows is the real one until a few months later when he had to tell them the truth. They just died laughing. I think the whole family thinks its pretty funny that I met his cousins before I met Jon. Maybe one of these days I will tell you about our sure courtship and engagement cause that's always a good story.

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