Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I had to go private

My blog at first was a way of keeping a journal of our family but since baby was born no one is really interested in what is going on in our lives just what is going on in baby's life which I totally understand. So I decided to make a blog for baby and make it private since I don't want strangers knowing what is going on in the life of my baby. Since I did that I decided that this blog could be a way for me to express my feelings and emotions and what goes on in my life. I think that as a human being I should be allowed to feel whatever way I want to feel and if I want to write about it then I should do so. Some people clearly do not think like me.

A few weeks ago some of my husbands family or should I say one person came across my blog and realized that some of the things I had posted about were about this one person even though I never mentioned names but they are not dumb so they decided to tell other family members about things I had posted but took things way out of context. Now you might ask yourself how do I know this, well let me explain. It was a Sunday and I get a call from my MIL and she tells me to please not to talk about any of their problems on my blog, ok I understand that but I haven't really posted anything about their problems. At the time I didn't think much about it I just told my husband that it was weird that she had said that to me but whatever. Then we get home and look at our email and we have an email from my husbands aunt, she is totally worried and upset because she heard that Jon had said that he hated his life. Now if she had really read my blog she would have known how that whole story went. So this is where I start thinking that someone is calling the family and telling them things I am writing but not the whole story. My husband freaks out because he isn't sure of what I have been writing on my blog and he heads on over to it and reads it and he doesn't really find a problem with it but can see how that one person might have gotten upset and called around to get people to be mad at me or something. He tells me right away to stop blogging or make it private cause I am going to cause issues in that family. I was so mad but I have done what my husband asked of me.

I didn't talk about it to my husband much since shortly after that I left for Philadelphia and just barely got back but since being back I talked to him and told him how my blog is a way of me writing my thoughts and that I should be allowed to do whatever I want to do with them. He now totally understands me so for now I will stay private but in a month or so I will just change my URL and other things on it so that no one can find me.

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