Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Christmas

I just loved Christmas this year. Can you tell I was excited about being able to decorate my own tree this year. I must have taken like 20 pictures of the tree. I'm crazy and weird like that.

This is a nativity scene I got years and years ago maybe like 6 years ago my mom gave it to me for one day when I had my own family. Since that day I have never taken it out of it package till this Christmas. It was funny because Jon saw it and told me that I needed to paint it, I had to laugh, he doesn't get it that its supposed to be white.

Since I got married I have been wanting a stand mixer. I think everyone that knows me knows how much I want one. I LOVE baking, if it were up to me I would bake every day but that gets kinda crazy plus I would be over 200 pounds in no time. I have never gotten one because they are kind of pricey. This year is the first year since we got married that we decided we were going to get each other gifts. My husband is so sweet and said that he just had to go get me the stand mixer, he was afraid that I wouldn't like it because it was a KitchenAid but I love it. I cannot wait to use it, its going to make it so much easier to make cookies and cakes.

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Paola said...

I have the same Nativity set!!! Dan had the same reaction! He couldn't understand why they were so plain, but I told him they were supposed to be like that! That's too funny! I'm glad you guys had such a great Christmas!