Friday, December 25, 2009

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!

This year for the first time since being married we spend it in Utah just by ourselves. I don't think my husband enjoyed it as much as I did. I loved it though, we got to start our own little traditions and I got to decorate my own tree. It looks so pretty that I do not want to take it down. I think I am going to keep it up all thru January.

Last night we opened our first gift which were pajamas, Jon, baby and I all got green pajamas. Baby looks so cute. Then this morning we went down stairs and baby was just loving all the presents under the tree. Right away he went for them. He even helped open some of them up. I think his favorite gifts are what daddy got him which is a walker/bike and the wooden blocks my parents got him. My husband surprised me with a stand mixer, I have been wanting one since we got married and finally I got one, yay! It will come in handy since I love baking. I have a feeling I am going to be making even more cakes this year.

The hubby is now down stairs cooking, isn't he great? Once dinner is ready we are taking everything to my cousins house for our Christmas dinner. Of course we have to go over there to show off baby and his new Christmas outfit that Nana got him. He just looks too cute.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays and not because of the gifts you get but just the whole warm feeling you get around this time of year but this year has just been super specially since it is the first Christmas that we are now a family of 3. I love out little family. Life really does not get better than this. Come what may come at the end of the day I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing husband and just the most perfect baby.

I hope everyone has an amazing day! Merry Christmas!

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