Friday, July 29, 2011


I forgot to write about this and I want to remember it so I better write about it.

On Saturday night when we got home there was a bouquet of roses with a happy birthday card waiting for me at my door. This totally made for a perfect ending to my already perfect day.

Actually I have been having a lot of perfect days lately and I could not be more happy about it.

Anyways when I first saw them I thought it might be my neighbors but then quickly remembered that they are in St. George on vacation. My next thought then was maybe my visiting teachers not like they have come enough to like me that much but hey whatever right. However as soon as I opened the card I thought it looked like my brothers hand writing, you know the brother I am no longer talking to. So I called my mother to see if maybe she knew if they came from him which she didn't but she did say that he had asked her a few days prior what my favorite flowers were. I am really thinking it was him to left them for me.

That was a really sweet gesture on his behalf considering how rude and mean he was to mean just a month ago. It was much appreciated.

Maybe he is realizing the huge mistake he can only hope right?

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