Friday, July 8, 2011

My new shoes

So I had been hearing about these shoes called TOMS.

Have you heard about them?

Well apparently they are pretty cool right now and every has a pair.

I really like them so I went to the store to check them out and holy cow! They were expensive like $60 dollars and to me right now that is way too much money to be spending on just one pair of shoe. I know I am cheap but her when you are low on cash there are things you just cannot afford.

I was so sad so I went over to Famous Footwear to see about getting Baby some comfy summer shoe. I happened to ask the lady if they sold TOMS since they were having a buy one get one half off sale. She told me that Sketchers have the BOBS which look just like it and they are only $29. Perfect, right?

Well I went over to another shoe store at the mall since they didn't have anything for Baby and I found another paid of shoes that look similar to the TOMS but for only $22. Heck yeah! So guess what I bought myself that pair since I could afford those.

Yes I really did need to write about them because they made me very happy. Retail therapy really does work well maybe not for ever but momentarily it made me happy.

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Brad and Danielle said...

Awesome! My sister has a pair of these shoes and I've wanted to get some, but I just couldn't stomach that price. I am really cheap too. :) This is great to know!