Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last year for Jon's birthday I surprised him by getting his whole family to go to Lagoon. He had a blast so we decided we needed to make that a tradition every year.

We of course would never pay full price to get in since it is crazy expensive. My mother-in-laws stake was having their stake day last Thursday and we would get a $14 discount so of course off we all went and it was a blast. It was actually more fun for me than last year. This year Baby enjoyed himself more, had more fun and was able to get on some rides. He was even able to get on a roller coaster can you believe he is tall enough to do that? Holy cow...he is getting too big, this makes me sad. I have decided children should not be allowed to go to amusement parks until they are 2 because before that age it is completely pointless.

Jon had a blast too, he got on every ride he possibly could. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera in out of fear it would get stolen so I only have a few pictures and only of Baby since I spend the whole day with him.

I am so grateful we were able to do this again this year.

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