Friday, July 15, 2011

My perfect week continues

Monday I had the best night. We as a little family went downtown in Ogden to see the horse statues that they put out all over. They are pretty cool. Baby went crazy over them. We had so much fun just walking around. Then we headed to a playground and right next to it was the amphitheater that I didn't even know existed. They were having a band play for a little bit and then they have a movie. They do this every Monday during the summer, how fun is that? I think from now till the end of summer we are heading over there for dinner and a movie because it just sounds like a blast. We didn't stay the whole time since we didn't take any blankets or anything to lay on and we headed off to get some ice cream. When we got back we went to our neighbors house to see how their vacation went. Gosh I just love them!

On Tuesday I had my mother and my sister over for lunch since I figure my mother is trying to make an effort I will to. My sister hasn't really known how to deal with this whole family situation so she is just outright mean to my mom so hopefully by having us do something neutral together it will help with their relationship. I probably shouldn't worry too much about their relationship only mine but that's my nature.

On Wednesday we went down to SLC spend some time with my father-in-law which was nice seeing him. Baby had fun being with pop-pop. Then we went out to dinner with my best friend and his girlfriend who we happen to love. She is such a sweet down to earth person and totally loves Baby which is a plus because it makes hanging out easier.

On Thursday I had lunch at the Gateway with my best-friend and her family. I had so much fun with them. I love hanging out with them. We used to live right across from one another and I wish we still did. I hate moving and not being able to see the people I love on a daily basis.

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