Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going sugar free....ahhhh!

Baby has been throwing tantrums way too much lately and going to bed super late. I am talking about he is not going to bed until 12 or 1am.

Yeah that's a big no no and I am starting to believe that it is all connected.

Since we are back from vacation and won't be doing much I have decided I am detoxing this boy from refined sugars. He can have all the fruit he wants and some honey but that is about it. I am doing this for 3 weeks and after 3 weeks I will bring back juice into his diet but I will start to water it down.

My hope is that he will start going to bed at a normal time, that we don't have as many tantrums and that fruits and veggies will taste sweeter to him so he will want to eat them more often.

I am also doing the same thing as I believe sugar is the reason I am running low on energy all the time and am craving sweets and breads every single night. I need to change my eating habits for good.

Day 1 went pretty good. We had one mayor tantrum but more than anything else it was because I wasn't paying attention to him. He ate what I served him all day long. He did look like a crack head at one point checking every where for candy once he realized I was not giving in to his request. He is so funny!

Day 2 went okay for the most part. I know for myself I was craving sugar more that day but I didn't cave in. Baby however was on a mission. He found the unfrozen otter pops and tried to bite them open when that didn't work he put them on the ground and started jumping on them until they popped then he started licking the juice off his hands. I was so shocked with what I was seeing I couldn't even stop him. That was a lot of thinking behind him getting some sweats. The rest of the day went pretty well. Barely any tantrums and off to bed early.

Day 3 was a failure. Is started pretty good but went down heel after lunch. We took him to see Captain America and mom-mom joined us. She was not aware of our no sugar deal and got soda. I tried keeping Baby with us the whole time but he was determined to get some soda and when he did he was super giddy. He called me and said "look mami, I drinking it" with a huge smile. So there went that and then we go to dinner and mom-mom ordered some amazing donuts with a chocolate and raspberry sauce, yeah I gave in too.

Well it was a good try. I am trying to still control the sugar intake and no more juice unless it's 100% juice and I will try and give him the sugary things in the morning so bed time won't be a struggle.

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