Monday, July 11, 2011

My birthday weekend

I have never celebrated my birthday for a whole weekend but this year I did.

I deserve it, right? Oh well even if I don't I wanted to and my husband being the great guy he is went along with it and made it the best birthday EVER.

It started Friday by my husband coming home early from work which never happens on Fridays, those are his long days where I barely see him. As soon as he got home he told me he was taking me out to dinner and a movie. I wanted to go to Zupas and get a salad for dinner. I saw they were opening one near us and so we headed over that way and it was closed, boo. No problem though they have my favorite fish taco place right by there so we head on over and guess what? They are closed for good, what? By this point its almost 7pm and I have not eaten since 1pm and if you know me if I am hungry and you do not feed me it is not okay. So I start talking to myself telling myself that I will be ok, hahaha. My husband was dying laughing as I was talking to myself. Poor guy what he has to deal with anyways...we ended up just going to Chili's, so boring but oh well at least I got food in me and I got to have a really yummy chocolate cake. Then we head on over to the movies, I wanted to watch Zoo Keeper. We got to the first movie theater 20 minutes after it started, really? Everything was just going wrong but I didn't let that bother me cause we were down town and for the month of July they have horse status on every block and that just made Baby's day. It was really cute seeing him talking to the horse and trying to climb them. We finally made it to another movie theater and got to see that movie which was really good. I love Kevin James so I knew I would like this movie.

On Saturday my mother took my sister, Baby and I out to lunch. This has never happened so I was very happy she called to take us out. We had a yummy lunch and after that we headed to Ross where she bought me some cute sandals. My husband also gave me some birthday money to go spend and get some cute summer clothes with so I got myself some cute shirts. My sister bought me a beach/pool bag that I have been wanting for some time as my birthday gift. After that I came home and my sister watched Baby while I ran to Kohl's to get some short. Finally I made it home and took a little nap while I waited for Jon to get back from his bike ride. After that we headed out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe, yummm! My brother then took my to Old Navy to buy me some not so mommyish bathing suit (in his words). He got me 2 really cute ones. After that I headed over to my cousins house to hang out for a minute which is always fun. While there she gave me my birthday present which was a sweet watch. I love the color. Plus some lingerie, of course Jon was happy about that. We finally made it home so I could bake my cake for Sunday.

On Sunday I got to sleep in since Baby didn't wake up until after 9:30am. It was much appreciated. I got up and was just lazy all morning with a little bit of cleaning. Then my cousin came over to hang out all day with me. We headed out to the pool and were there for about 3 hours. I had so much fun. Good talks plus amazing people plus yummy treats=a good time for me. Once we headed back inside it was time to cook dinner. My cousin and dear husband made some amazing food. Then we ate my yummy tres leches cake. I also got a pedicure from my cousin she is awesome at doing nails.

All in all I had one amazing birthday weekend!

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