Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our tradition

Jon and I started a new tradition last year and I love that we have some traditions that we can keep forever.

I for the most part don't like Valentine's Day, just seems like a silly day to me. Having a child has softened me though cause he loves Valentine's Day. The older he gets the more I have to do for this day.

Anyways, last year Jon took me for a mini getaway to a hotel in Salt Lake City. It's a bed and breakfast and the rooms are all decorated in different themes. It's really fun, cute and cozy.

This year money is tight so I was not even thinking about getting away but Jon surprised me. Tuesday night he told me not to make plans for Thursday and Friday because he already had plans.

He had booked a night at this bed and breakfast, planned dinner and had a babysitter in place for Bentley.

He got the same room we had last year, which I loved. Had them sprinkle flower pedals all over the floor. Very sweet and romantic. We went out to dinner to a Brazilian steakhouse which is always yummy food if you are in Salt Lake City. Then we walked around the Gateway mall for a while. Last year we did the same exact thing and I had him take me to Barnes and Nobles to get me a book. This year I again went into Barnes and Nobles and was able to score a book for Bentley on sale for $2 that I had had my eye on since before Christmas but couldn't bring myself to spend $15 on. We kept walking around and finally ended up getting some Chocolate, caramel covered apples that were really good.

It's always good to get away with my husband and have some alone time so we can remind each other why we fell in love with one another. I love that my husband is so romantic and loves planning dates. He makes me happy.

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