Sunday, February 3, 2013

Relaxing bath time

For whatever reason I felt like going to bed early today. So I figured I'd take a nice relaxing bath in order to get ready for an early bedtime.

I poured honey into the bath as it was feeling up. Then I sipped in hot water a few chamomile tea bag and the dumped it into my bath. I lit up some candles and got some Enya going on the background. Super relaxing and really worked towards making me sleepy.

Before I actually was able to have my relaxing bath Bentley tried to join me but when he saw I was turning the lights off and told him no talking he was out of there and went and told his papa I was doing something weird. Funny kid. Jon came in to check on me laughing.

I got a good 30 minutes of complete bliss and then Bentley came and jumped in the tub and started farting. Silly me for thinking I was actually going to have an uninterrupted bath. This is my new normal taking baths with my child farting in the water and probably peeing in it too, I don't dare ask.

I love my life, farts and all.

Bright and early getting yogurt. My buddy always joins me when I go out.

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