Saturday, February 9, 2013

My best idea ever

Having a picky eater is really challenging. Most people just don't understand unless they themselves have a truly picky eater.

We have gone through phases where there was only a total of 10 things that my child would eat. That's hard as a mother who wants nothing more than to be able to feed her child good healthy food.

Throughout the last 3 years of feeding my child he has gone through being super picky and barely eating anything to just being somewhat picky. However the one thing that he has always liked has been pancake or waffles which has really been my saving grace. I always puree some type of fruit or vegetable and mix it into the batch I am making and he has always eaten them no problems.

I have a hard time figuring out what to give Bentley for lunch and dinner and not just giving him another breakfast meal. The other day I heard about waffle sandwiches and I tried it, well we are hooked and can't get enough of them apparently.

He will ask for a waffle sandwich every single day for every single meal only difference is that each time we put something different in them. Sometimes they will have cream cheese, nutella, peanut butter or nutella with strawberries, peanut butter with banana. Then on the side he will ask for broccoli with ranch or some type of fruit depending on what we have.

This one thing has made me feel so at ease with what I am feeding him because I know he is getting some healthy food since I put all the healthy stuff in the waffle mix itself.

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