Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hogle Zoo

I found out that the Zoo in Utah has a few free admission days during the year, how awesome is that?

So I made sure to plan a trip to it with my best friend and her kids since Bentley had never been to the one in Utah.

We went and had so much fun but can I just say I am so glad that it was free because we got to see all of 4 animals and that was it.

My intentions were to at least see that polar bear which were a huge thing last year when they first came in to the zoo so it was a must. I was pleasantly surprised as to how "friendly" and active the bear was. He moved constantly and would go swimming then get out and rub his back in the snow then go inside and scratch his back then did the whole cycle over and over. Pretty entertaining for the kiddos for sure.

We also saw eagles which Bentley loves, he is always talking about eagles so I was glad we got to see them. Then we saw some seals that were fun to watch. Now Bentley keeps saying he wants a seal as a pet, when I told him that they need tons of water to keep alive he said they can live in our bath tub, funny kid. We then went and got to se the giraffes which are my favorite animal. We only got to see then for 5 minutes before they closed down.

We closed the zoo down, they even had to come and kick us out.

After the zoo we all went out to dinner including Jon who we picked up from school. Dinner was fun but I am sure we traumatized a few people with how crazy our children were but thats life and I try not to care what people think and my friend is the same way so we let them be crazy and enjoy life.

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