Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Party

I had planned to have a little Valentine's Day party for Jon, Bentley and I. I had made decorations and bought some things to decorate with and I had a menu in mind and everything was going to be perfect.


Who am I kidding?

My life is never such even if I plan for it to be. Something always goes wrong and then I am left to make the best of it with a smile on my face.

Breakfast went smoothly. I made some really yummy Strawberry pancakes with nutella syrup. It was a hit with both Jon and I but Bentley wanted nothing to do with them, even if they had chocolate syrup on them. Weird, I am sure had he tried them he would have loved them.

So of course Jon woke up sick. My sister who was supposed to be here at 11am to help me with decorating cooking and Bentley didn't show up till 2pm. While waiting for her to get here I had Bentley get started with making necklaces out of fruit loops but by the time I got out of the shower he had eaten them all.

Once my sister got here I had some shopping to still do for food so off we went. It took forever since everyone was out trying to get their last minute things.

Off topic, I went to Harmon's to get a specialty cheese and can I just say that they were robbing people. Honestly, they were charging absurd amounts of money for roses. I witness a girl buy 2 cards, one bouquet of flowers which had 3 roses and a bunch of babies breath, one vase with a dozen roses and 8 chocolate covered strawberries she paid $80.97. I almost had a heart attack and am truly glad I let Jon know a very long time ago that I better never get roses or flowers for Valentine's Day. He can get them for me a week in advance or the day after.

So back to how my day went....we got back and I started making my heart shaped raviolis I had planned for dinner. I got a work out just sheeting the dough out by hand. They looked fabulous and the filling tasted even better. It took me 2 hours and a half to get it all done and by then I had no time to decorate as I was starving. However when I went to cook the raviolis I am not sure what happened but no matter how long I cooked them for they were still hard. I was so bummed but by this point I didn't care and just ate them. they weren't too bad but I think the dough needed to be thinner or made out of just flour and not semolina flour.

I then tried to convince my husband to watch a romantic movie with me and he would have none of it. I then decided to just have a movie night with  myself and watch Message in a Bottle which was really good but I wasn't able to finish it off since a lot of cleaning needed to happen.

We weren't even able to have the dessert I had planned which was chocolate fondue. Thank goodness there is always next year to perfect this, right?

Having my movie night by myself

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