Thursday, February 7, 2013


So let me start by saying that I am beyond scared of the dentist.

This fear started around the age of 4 when I was taken to a dentist who I am more than sure was not qualified to be seeing children because he was a monster and had no idea how to handle a 4 year old. My mother, I am sure out of her own fear of the dentist, send me with my cousin to the dentist. All I remember is me trying for the life of me to get away. I scratched my cousins face, chest, exposed her breast to everyone in sight and screamed as loud as I could but none of that work and they were somehow still able to get me on that chair. I don't remember if they strapped me down or how they were able to keep me in the chair maybe a sedative was given, who knows. I do know that by the time they were done with me I was bleeding from my cheeks pretty bad. I still have holes on the inside of my cheeks if you were to look from what they did to me. I think they might have taken me back a few more times but I am sure I was given meds at that point but I refused to go to a dentist after about 6 until I was 12 out of fear. I would hide in bathrooms or under my bed or do just about anything to get out of going.

Now fast forward to my child. I suck. Simply said.

This child is so independent when it comes to some things and tooth brushing is one of them. He wants to do it himself and not let anyone else help. So he has been doing it twice a day and he lets me floss about twice a month which I now know is clearly not enough.

Long story short I finally took Bentley to the dentist only to find out the boy needs 8 fillings, one crown and probably have one pulled out since it was chipped pretty bad. How does that even happen to a 3 year old is beyond me but it does. Come to find out there is no fluoride in the water in Utah which makes thing worse.Why wouldn't my child's doctor tell me this or prescribe a supplement? Not that the doctor is to blame I surely am but Lord.

Now my poor child is scheduled to have all that work done on the 26th if they are able to sedate him if not then he will have surgery and be put down completely.

I am thinking I myself will need a sedative too to be able to not have a panic attack at the dentist office as they will not allow me or Jon to go back with him which I do not like but rules and rules. My poor baby. I swear from now on I am brushing his teeth 3 times a day and flossing twice plus I will be asking his doctor for a fluoride supplement.

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Kent Davis said...

Don't feel bad about the dental problems of your son, Laura! You should be glad because it was detected early. The best thing you can do for him is to be strong. I know it's hard for you, but at least try to.

-Kent Davis @ Dr.Kent Davis