Monday, February 4, 2013


My weekend was filled with tons of family time.

Starting with Jon and I having our little getaway, then picking Bentley up and taking him along with his cousins to Chuckie Cheese. We must have been there for over 3 hours. Fun times!

Then Saturday we headed down to Park City to meet up with Jon's cousin who is in town for a cardiovascular conference, he's a surgeon. We went to main street in Park City which was my first time in the 6 years I have been in Utah. It was such a cute street with tons of colors and pretty views. Looks just like a Christmas card. We had lunch with him and had some good food and conversation as always.

After that we headed farther down to my best friends house who is more like a sister to me. I love that woman with all my heart. Jon watched all the kids while her and I went out and had some girl time, which was pretty awesome.  We went to Tepanyaki and shared dinner then we even encountered our first drunk person in Utah in the bathroom. Jen was worried about her being able to get out of the bathroom, really she was that wasted, I didn't care much. She got herself in that situation but really she made us laugh so hard. Then we headed to Cold Stone and had some ice cream.

My husband rocks for doing that for us with no complaints and all the children survived.

Sunday we just hung out at home since the night before Bentley had had a fever and we wanted to make sure if he was sick we weren't getting anyone else sick but it appears that he is totally fine. Maybe he had some growing pains that came with a fever who knows. Got to watch the Super Bowl but shortly after the halftime show I was ready for bed.

I am getting old.

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