Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Frozen yogurt pops

Over the weekend I wanted to make a snack for Bentley that he hadn't had before but something that I thought he would be willing eat or try at least. I came up with the idea of freezing a banana covered in yogurt since I had seen one similar but covered in chocolate. 

I went online immediately and looked for ideas and I found a bunch but my favorite were the ones covered in cereal. I knew Bentley would not only try them but like them. 

As Bentley was playing with some clay I started making them and making a big deal about the popsicles I was making for him to have later on in the day. I wasn't even finish making them when Bentley was already asking if he could have one. He patiently waited for them to be frozen but once they were he went to town. He had 4 of them in one sitting and the best part was I didn't feel bad letting him have them since they were nutritional enough to be a meal.

All I did was cut the banana's into 4 pieces then I dipped the banana into vanilla flavored yogurt and lastly rolled them in some fruity pebbles cereal. I then let them freeze for 3 hours before giving them to Bentley. 

I am always happy when I make something for Bentley that is new and he actually likes it. Makes life a little bit easier because it gives me more options on what I can feed him.

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