Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dentist follow-up

Monday morning I got a call from the dentist office letting me know that they had had a cancellation for Tuesday and wanted to know if we could bring Bentley in instead of waiting 2 more weeks. I of course said yes before those cavities got any worse.

So Tuesday morning we woke up late since he wasn't allowed to eat anything before the appointment and headed out to the dentist office. As usual I am a mess and am always thinking of the worse case scenario. We got there and Bentley was actually pretty calm so I calmed down to not make him freak out. 

They came and got him and he started screaming bloody murder. Poor thing. Jon and I were not allowed in the back so we just had to sit in the waiting room and wait for them to finish. Pretty hard thing to do, I tell you. They put 2 shots in his cheeks to sedate him and I heard him scream but they take effect pretty quick so we didn't hear anything else. The dentist assistants kept on coming out and letting us know what the dentist had done and how everything was going and how Bentley was behaving.

All in all it took about 2 hours from the time they took him back till the time I got to see him. By the time I went to see him he was coming out of sleep and I guess he told the nurse he had just taken a little nap and that he wanted his "mama". Made me happy to hear the first thing he wanted was me.

He didn't get any teeth pulled as I was fearing might be happening but the dentist said it wasn't as bad. That was great news. He had 2 crowns put in place and 8 fillings. Poor kid. The dentist did prescribe some fluoride for him because he said in this area its very common to see teeth that bad in kids this young since kids are not getting the fluoride they need.

Now we battle to make sure we floss daily (which is a battle every night) and brush his teeth (which is not a problem until I try to make sure we do it for 2 minutes). Bentley has even started asking to brush his teeth after lunch which I let him do all by himself and not time it.

I swear children should come with instructions, I am serious cause this whole parenting thing is way harder than I could have ever imagined.

I am now determined to make sure he gets no more cavities so let see how it goes.

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