Friday, March 29, 2013

Waterfall Canyon

It was such a beautiful day today we decided we had to get out and go on another hike to a new spot that we had heard was less challenging than our normal hiking spot which would be perfect I thought for Bentley to go on. It takes only an hour and a half round trip or at least that's what it said online so off we went.

It started out pretty good and it really was way easier than our usual Adam's Canyon hike. However at some point the trail splits and we took a wrong turn which let us astray for 20 minutes until we caught up with some people who had also taken the wrong turn and were on their way back. So we followed them and got to the right place. After the trail splits once you take the correct turn the trail starts to get a lot harder. Poor Bentley started to get hungry too so we kept on having to stop for him to eat some cereal and drink some water.

After hiking for 2 and a half hours we finally made it to the waterfall and we were all excited to be there. By that point my leg which has been hurting for almost 2 weeks every single day was getting to the point where I couldn't handle the pain but I am stubborn and pain or no pain I do what I want. After we finished eating our lunch that I had packed Bentley and my brother decided to go up where the snow was at near the waterfall. I stayed back to take pictures from where I was sitting since I didn't want to move. However the spider that was heading my way had different plans.

Have I ever mentioned that I am deathly afraid of spiders? Yeah, like I see one and I lose it completely. I am weird like that. So of course I jump up, grab our bags and start to walk towards the waterfall as fast as I can and what do you know.....

I fall! The problem was that where we were at, the rocks there were very small so I started to slide down the hill which was pretty steep. As I am falling I start to look in front of me to see where there are big rocks for me to move my feet towards them so I could come to a stop. Somehow I finally came to a stop but I was too scared to get up out of fear something could be seriously hurt. Turns out I just got some bruises and scrapes. My brother and son didn't see any of this happen by the way.

I was done with the whole being up there thing so we started our hike down which went fine for about 20 minutes and then Bentley started to complain that he was tired. I made him walk another 10 minutes until I noticed he was tripping on everything and barely had his eyes open. Poor guy, I wore him out. So from there on I had to carry my stinky man down that mountain. Let me tell you how not fun that was, combined with my leg being in major pain.

Then while hiking down we again took a wrong turn which sucked big time. All of a sudden my leg that was in pain gave out on me, while I was carrying Bentley and I swear someone was watching out for me because somehow I was able to catch myself with my bad knee and didn't completely fall to the ground and somehow Bentley didn't even wake up or anything. I freaked out by them though and send my brother up ahead to find someone to ask which trail was the right trail.

Once on the right trail we were out of there within 20-30 minutes. All in all we were hiking for a total of 5 hours on a hike that should only take an hour and a half. I guess thats what happens when you get lost twice and have a 3 year old hiking with you.

It really was a fun and relaxing hike for the most part and now that we know the way it will be must quicker to get to the top. Hopefully my leg will feel better soon.

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