Monday, March 25, 2013

Family bonfire

Last weekend we decided to have a BBQ and a bonfire at my parents house. It was the perfect temperature for it too.

It was actually the first time in almost 2 years that we all got together and had some family time and it felt pretty good. 

I know everyone had a fun time.

The food was yummy and then for dessert we made smores which were really good to eat but made such a mess for everyone. The kids didn't really like eating smores. Bentley only likes marshmallows uncooked so he ate a few like that and then made a sandwich with the graham crackers and chocolate of course.It was my moms first time having a smore and I think she fell in love. I cannot believe we have lived in the states for 20 years and this was her first time having a smore, I was shocked.

My father was also there. I am trying and praying that I can be at peace with knowing he will never apologize or say he was wrong but I cannot go on in my life filling hatred as I know someday I will be in charge of taking care of him. Hopefully some day he will realize that I am an okay person. At this point though it's more important to me for Bentley to built a relationship with him than any feelings I have. My father will be the only grandfather figure who my son will have memories with so I will try and make it possible. 

Bentley playing with his cousins

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