Friday, March 22, 2013

Pore refining gel mistake

Less than a year ago Jon's aunt bought me some face products. It included a face wash, lotion, pore  refining gel and toner. I have been using the wash off and on haven't really seen it do anything that was any different than my other products but the lotion I have loved! I have used it daily ever since.

For some crazy reason about 3 weeks ago I decided I needed to try this murad pore refining gel because I do have large pores that kinda bug me. So I read the instructions and put it on as it said to do so. That day I didn't feel any difference at all, the next day I was in a rush so I washed my face and didn't look in the mirror and just left the house. When I make it to my mom's door and she opens the door the first thing she says is "what happened to your face?" I freaked out so I run in her house and checked my face out and sure enough it had little red bumps all over my face and by now I could feel the roughness on my skin. By the next day my face was a little swollen which freaked me out.

After that I decided no makeup and I would only wash my face and not put anything else on. The next few days my face started getting drier and drier and then its started peeling. I had to do something cause it was starting to hurt and feel like I had been sun burned I turned to my old trusted Ponds face lotion which felt like heaven on my burned face. Still though my skin felt really rough and would not stop peeling. It was bad.

I've had something like this happen a long time ago like 6 years ago and after not using any new products and letting my face rest for a week my face was back to normal but not this time. Really my face is one thing I try to keep in good condition because I do not do well with makeup especially coverup. I don't even know how to put it on properly I never had to learn my skin was always ok without it.

I went to the store to buy me something that might help my skin but every product was either priced crazy high or it had ingredients like alcohol or stuff I couldn't read which I now know my face cannot handle.

So after week 3 of my skin feeling rough and still drier than ever I decided it was time to take measures into my own hands. I started reading up what to wash my face with for sensitive dry skin and came up with a facial that might work. At this point I figured anything homemade can't do any more damage than the store bought stuff. I blended some oatmeal and mixed it with some brown sugar, honey and milk. I rubbed it on my face gently for about a minute and then left it on for 10 minutes. I even got my brother doing it with me. He is such a good trooper up for anything. I washed it off after the 10 minutes and my face still felt dry so I googled up homemade lotions or face cream and low and behold coconut oil is a miracle worker or at least that's what these people online were saying. I pulled out my coconut oil and lathered on my face. By this point even Jon is laughing at me but hey I am a girl on a mission at this point. I went to bed wake up the next morning and what do you know? My face is a little bit less rough on my chin and my forehead. I though, well maybe it's like a placebo effect.

I then immediately googled up a homemade daily face wash and came up across something that might work so I blended it up and washed my face with it. Now its only been 2 days since I started this new face regiment I can already tell a huge difference. My forehead is back to normal and so is my chin now all that's left is my nose and cheeks. I am hoping by the end of the week this face problem will all solved and in the process I have figured out a new way of washing my face and new face lotion.

Recipe for the face wash:
1 Tbsp of honey
1 Tsp of baking soda

-Mix it all up and rub it into your face in circular motion. Keep on face for at least a minute and then wash off.

Recipe for lotion:
1 cup of coconut oil

-Whip it till it looks like whipped cream and then pour into a container. Just use it as normal lotion, a little goes a long way.

Recipe for facial:
2 Tbsp of oatmeal grounded
1 Tbsp of brown sugar
2 Tsp of honey
2 Tsp of milk or more

-Mix it all in a pot on low heat till its all smooth and combined then put on your face but make sure its not too hot. Rub in and let it dry for 10 minutes then wash off and follow it with some coconut oil moisturizer

How good do these look? Plus they smell delicious.

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