Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We only signed our lease at this apartment till the end of April which means one way or another come May we will need to be somewhere else. Where that may be who knows but I figured I needed to start packing so that this time around I can purge and not be more organized about the stuff I am packing.

On Monday my mom came over to help me get started. We were able to get rid of 2 trash bags and packed 4 boxes and finished packing 3. So much was done in 3 hours but the was only from my bathrooms, hall closet and Bentley's room. This child has too many toys cause most boxes were from his room.

On Tuesday my cousin came over for 2 hours and helped me with my kitchen. I shocked how much junk we have. I was able to get rid of 3 bags of trash and 1 microwave. I was also able to send a small bag of food I won't use to my mom along with a bread maker and mixer. We also were able to pack one box almost full and then I have one box full of things that I need to donate. My kitchen is now pretty empty and it feels so good.

Emotionally I am not holding up though. Bentley started crying cause he doesn't want to move and leave his friends. So yes I am an emotional mess but that's life and somehow we will figure things out and be ok.

My pantry after my cousin was done with it. I couldn't even see the floor before.

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