Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tita and tito's Easter egg hunt

Being hispanic we never did anything for Easter. In Costa Rica back when I grew up, I don't know how they do things now, Easter was not about children. Actually as a child you were expected to be on your very best behavior from Friday through Sunday. It's a respected weekend. Everything closes and doesn't open back up till Monday morning. The whole weekend you eat tons of sea food and tons of yummy treats that are normally only made this time of year. So with that said when we moved to this country my parents had no idea that Easter was celebrated in such a way here in the USA. I still remember that first time I saw an Easter bunny at the corner of a street waving to kids and me being so confused as to what this bunny business was about. Even when my parents figured out how Easter was done they never did anything for us since they just thought it was silly.

Fast forward almost 20 years and now I've got a little one who is American and who expects for me to celebrate all the holidays in the country just like every other kid does and by all means I will. So I let my parents know they needed to have an Easter egg hunt for my boy and my sister's step kids. I'm glad they did. These kids had so much fun as always. They even invited a little neighborhood boy that kept on coming over to play with them throughout the day.

I am sure I will regret having done that since now my child will have a sugar high to come down from but it was totally worth seeing the excitement in his face as he went looking for easter eggs. I think my mom had so much fun watching the kids go around looking for eggs. Isn't that what grandmother's are supposed to love?

Now to get ready for out Easter egg hunt with Jon's family. My mother-in-law even flew in for it so we are very excited about seeing her.

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mark lawrence said...

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