Sunday, March 3, 2013

Road trip

Jon got to go on a road trip with his cousin. Lucky him. I love road trips. I believe the best memories happen during road trips.

His cousin bought a car out in Philly and needed to drive it out to Washington so he asked Jon to tag along for the ride.

I wished so bad that I could have gone. I miss Philly so much and him flying out there made me miss it so much more.

They had a blast on the trip and would send me pictures every now and then. It took them 3 days to make it to Utah.

They has breakfast in Philly at some pretty amazing restaurant that had been featured on the Food Network. Then in St Louis they stopped at another restaurant featured on the Food Network. At one point in their trip they run out of gas as they were pulling into the gas station. Funny thing is that it wasn't shocking at all since this seems to happen to my husband on the regular and he normally has to push his car into the gas station.

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