Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Law school applications are in

Well it's official my husband has applied to law school and they are all in.

Now the waiting game begins while I bite off all my nails and start to chew on my hair.

We should be hearing back from some schools within the next 4 weeks others within the next 6 weeks. That is too long of a wait as your life sits in limbo but waiting patiently we will do.

He has applied to 2 schools in Texas and then like 7 in California. Some are a stretch and others are more likely where we will end up going to. By looking at the GPA and LSAT scored the schools let in we will most likely end up in San Diego.

For Jon this is an exciting thing moving back to his home town but for me I might be having a little bit of a harder time. Even though I know the weather is beautiful all year round and there is no many outdoor things Bentley and I will be able to do all year round unlike here, I am having to leave my comfort zone, my family and good friends and all of Bentley's friends so it will be an adjustment for sure.

Fingers crossed though that we can get in somewhere.

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