Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter egg dyeing party!

I took Bentley to my best friends house and we decided to have an easter egg dyeing party.

It was a blast and we all had so much fun. I love that Bentley is at an age where he gets excited about all holidays. Last year was the first year we ever did anything for Easter and he had fun but this year he has really had a blast dying egg, drawing on them and putting stickers on them. 

The kids were all so excited to paint some eggs this time around. We had peace and quiet for a full 90 minutes while doing this. Then they say there watching my brother create some master pieces, he has major talent no joke. 

After we dyed the eggs I send all boys outside to play while I cleaned up and let the eggs dry. How amazing is it to actually have a fenced in back yard to send boys to go play? One of the reasons I wish we had a house, one day. Then I took the boys to the frot yard we layed some blankets on the ground and they all surrounded me while I read them some Peter Rabbit. It was blissful, heaven on earth for those few minutes. I loved being surrounded by boys, it's my callin in life, really. 

What a great day we had! 

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