Sunday, January 27, 2013

Working out

I have been trying to run 5 days a week.

Probably the hardest thing on the planet. I hate working out but as I get older I really need to get some type of cardio all year round. During the summer I love biking but I can't do that during the winter so running it is since I cannot afford to go to a zumba class and can't do it at home without getting the cops called on.

When I get up I know I will need to go run but it's only for 20 minutes. They are the worse 20 minutes of my day but I can see improvement which is awesome. I just do it cause afterwards I feel pretty amazing like I am on top of the world.

Most of the time I go by myself. Bentley will ask where I am going and he normally doesn't ask to come but some days he will say "mama I wanna come running with you" which I am all about the most active this kid is the better.

When we got there he was dead serious and asked me to turn the treadmill on for him which I did at a very slow speed, I think the lowest it went. He wasn't happy cause he really wanted to run not walk. What a funny kid but he really walked the whole time I ran. Let's see if he will join me some more times.

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