Thursday, January 24, 2013

What we are up to

Well I am truly trying to enjoy being home with my boy.

He is so happy to have me at home with him all day every day. Not sure it's a great thing since if I find a job and start working we will have a hard time separating. Any time I go to pee and he doesn't see me he just about looses it. Kinda weird if you ask me but considering that last month before the store closed down I was gone form morning to night so that must have been traumatizing to him. At first he would ask me "mama you go to work today? How about tomorrow?" poor kid.

I feel super lazy and clearly have way too much time on my hands. There is only so much cleaning I am willing to do in a day so the rest of my day is taken up by play dates, art projects, cooking and trying to keep from going crazy being stuck indoors all day every day since the weather has been freezing, like in the teens freezing. Yeah not my type of weather but the snow looks pretty.

I was wanting snow so bad cause I figured we would go and play in it but we only have done that one day and then Bentley said the snow is not much fun since it freezes you. I have asked him over and over again if he wants to go outside and play in it and then he says no and comes up with a game that can be played indoors.

This week I decided we would not be stuck at home even if I didn't have the car I would figure something out and so far so good. Monday we took the train into SLC and hung out all day at City Creek, I was able to do some shopping for Bentley and got some pretty amazing deals, even though the cashier thought I was cheap because I made sure she gave me the right price for every item since she was trying to screw me over.

Got all of that for $10
Tuesday I had to get my food shopping done so most of the day was boring. At 5pm I decided we needed to do something to make the day fun for Bentley so I took him to the roller skating rink. We had an absolute blast. He tried the roller skates first and was just all over the floor from falling and it was miserable even if we held his hands. So we switched it for a razor scooter and he had fun with that for a while but kept on falling since it was his first time on it and eventually got frustrated and threw it. He really is my child. As I sat there watching what was unfolding I remember being a kid and feeling that frustrated if I couldn't get something down.

Bentley with his skates on and of course his Spiderman

Now with the scooter, he really did amazing for his first time 
Wednesday hung out with my brother and had a pretty amazing breakfast and lunch, since my life now revolves around cooking healthy. I have never taken Bentley sledding since that last 2 years it has barely snowed here in Utah so this year was the year to do since who know where we will be at next year. So I took my little guy to a hill and off we went. I was scared to say the least but Bentley had a blast and we didn't fall off the sled so that was good. However after a few times of going down the sled broke half way down the hill which was really scary. Bentley was kind of bummed so we started playing tag and running all around the snow then we started throwing snow at each other. We also tried to build a snowman but to be honest I am not sure how anyone does it out here cause this snow is like powder and does not stick together. By then my toes were completely frozen since I have no snow boots and just use my rain boots.

All in all we have been having some fun time except for today. Last night it rained and then froze over so any plans we had for today were cancelled. Boring! I had a girls night out planned and that had to be cancelled I was so bummed but oh well. I made up for it by eating an ice cream bar which I had enough points left over for. Skinny Cow is pretty yummy for when you are craving something sweet.

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