Monday, January 28, 2013

How I save at Walmart

I have started price matching at Walmart.

I have known about this for quite some time as my mother-in-law used to do it when she lived in Utah but I have never had the guts to do it myself. I was either too embarrassed or didn't have "enough" time.

Funny how not having a job and being poor will motivate you to do many things. Food shopping has always been something that I just came to the conclusion it would always cost us at least $100 a weeks or more and that was without buying all the produce I wanted.

Once we got back from California I started to think I needed to look into couponing but I just cannot get it down plus most of the coupons I find are for things we really do not buy or eat. We also decided that we both needed to loose some weight as this whole closing the store down thing really was not healthy for us. I gained about 10 pounds and so did Jon. I only really want to loose 10-15 pounds but Jon wants to loose about 70 pounds.

While on weight watchers you really have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, it's the only way to survive. The first shopping trip I made was just for a few items and it was over $50 I was highly disappointed. That same day I went and got our mail for the first time EVER since we have been married. That's a whole other post, let me just say my poor husband truly married someone with a lot of issues. Since I got the mail I saw that we get the ad's, Jon just normally throws them out. I went through them and I was shocked at what I was missing.

That first week I bought 8lbs of pork chops, 8lbs of drumsticks and most of the fruit for the week for less than $20. I was totally shocked at what I could do with price matching. Now that I am in my third week of doing this I have a system down and can I say that for the first time ever I actually look forward to getting the mail just so I can check what the specials are for that week.

I am seriously now spending $60 or less a week on all of our groceries. That really includes tons of fruits and vegetables, our meat and everything else we would need for the week. I have noticed since I started doing this I am barely buying pre-packaged things. Most of the items I buy are fresh which is always a good thing.

This is how I plan out my shopping. I write everything out so
as I am checking out at the register  I don't have to go thru the ads.
I put down where it's from in case I am ever asked to s the ad so I know
which one to pull out.

I bought  all of this for less than $60 when before this would have cost
me between $80-100.

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