Saturday, January 26, 2013


Now that I am not working my days seem to last FOREVER. Honestly I feel like they will never end.

With flu season in full force out here the last thing I want to do is go out and get sick so most of the time we just spend our day inside our house. Only so much you can do with you toys before you get bored. 

The other day I had done everything possible to entertain Bentley and I was completely wasted. Had no more energy left in me. I had seen a recipe on Pinterest to make slime so I thought this was the time to pull this out. 

All it takes is equal parts elmer's glue, water and liquid starch plus a little bit of food coloring. You mix the glue and water first, then the food coloring, then the liquid starch and voila! You've got yourself some slime. Its like magic and its wonderful. 

It kept Bentley entertained for hours. That says something cause nothing really does that. 

It's really wonderful until it gets everywhere. So make sure you keep an eye on where its going cause let me tell you once it's on carpet you can forget about getting that stuff off of it. Trust me I've got a huge mess underneath a chair. All I say is thank you apartment living and knowing we will never get our deposit back.

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