Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I pray

One of the things I love doing is helping the needy or less fortunate.

We all go through hard times and I know that when I am down I have been very blessed to have people around me or strangers who I am sure have listened to the spirit and helped me out. Those moments have truly been sweet mercies for my family and I.

I normally pray that I can go about my day in such a way that I can listen to the spirit and know when I need to help people in need. Don't get me wrong more days my life is so crazy or I am just not in tune with the spirit so I am sure I am missing a bunch of opportunities to help people out but when I am in tune with the spirit and I listen to it, it's always an amazing experience.

Every time I go to Salt Lake and take public transportation I try to be really in tune with who I should help since there is always someone asking for help.

The first experience we had was an older lady who looked like she could have been homeless gets on the trolley and right away she could not take her eyes off of Bentley. She then pulled a cracker out of one of her bags and gave it to Bentley. I told her thank you as did Bentley too and she told us how she cannot see her grandkids so she loves giving things to children she sees as it reminds her of her own grandchildren. Broke my heart. Such a sweet lady. Jon wanted to give her some money but at the same time we were sure if she was homeless and did't want to offend. Next time we should give even if someone isn't.

Then on our way back to catch the train a lady came up to me and asked me for $2 to get a cheeseburger she said. I had some left over Cheesecake Factory and had the feeling that I needed to give her that instead. So I grabbed my two bags of left over food and handed it to her. She was so grateful and then went up to go sit with her friend again and I could see her showing her friend that it was Cheesecake Factory and then she said "I have always heard this place is good but I have never been there" she was so excited. She kept on asking me if I was sure she could have that. I totally put a smile on my face to see that I could make someone so happy with such a small action.

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