Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pure love

I am certain that I get to see Christ pure love for us all through my child.

(yes, I am about to brag)

This little guy is full of love. Ask anyone who knows him and they will 100% agree with me. He cannot go a day without hugging people or without telling anyone and everyone again that he loves them. He does not care whether they are family or not, whether he knows the person, whether they are pink, yellow, white or black. He just loves to love. Oh and the older you are the more he will show it.  I am told on a daily basis at least 20 times but I am sure its more times if I actually counted how many times he says it.

My sister recently got married to a gentleman who has 2 little children from a previous marriage. Bentley had only seen them maybe 2-3 times before my sister got married. Right after the wedding we went out to lunch with everyone and  my son immediately started calling the kids his cousins while giving them hugs and kisses non stop.

Such pure love from my child towards others. I know I am not that great of a mother but when I see that pure love in my child I kinda have a happy moment inside my head cause I guess I am not as bad as I feel most days.

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