Friday, October 2, 2009

My love/hate relationship

Jon and I love animals and when we first got married since he didn't want to have children for a while I figured that we could just get animals. What was I thinking? You know what that was my problem I wasn't thinking about the long run and the fact that cats last forever. When we got married I came into the relationship with a dog. Then about a year after we got married I told him I wanted a savannah cat which is a cross between a wild cat and a domestic cat. Yeah I am crazy. My sweet husband never likes to say no to me but he told me it would not be a good idea to bring a savannah cat to a condo since there would not be enough room for him to run around. So he told me we could get a cat and I started to look at white cats but they hubby didn't really want to have to pay for one. One day out of the blue I hear a cat crying outside our balcony and I looked out to find a white cat. So long story short we couldn't find the owners and so we kept it. We loved this cat, he was crazy but fun. Little story about him, he would bounce off the walls and learned how to turned off lights (I'm not exsaturating). Anyways back to my story about a year after we got that cat we happen to come across another cat and he was super cute but I was firm that I did not want another animal by this time I was back to my senses. The hubby begged and begged to keep him, yeah like a little kid, and I gave in. He was pretty cute. 

Then I get pregnant...I don't know how everyone else was when they were pregnant but I will say it...I was a b***h. No lie ask my husband he will let you know. That might be why he doesn't want more children. Anyways I started to hate the cats even though they never did anything to me it got so bad that by the time I was 7 months pregnant I couldn't even look at them cause they made me nauseous. I didn't even feel bad about. Then I had the baby and for about 4 months I didn't want them near my baby. I was honestly so close to giving them away. Listen to this I even let them out and they are indoor cats but I let them out hoping someone would take them in but every night they would come back and cry for me to let them back in. Well about a month ago I started letting them come up more and don't you know it but baby is just like his daddy, he just loves those cats. He touches them and laughs and if he is crying all I have to do is bring the cats in the room and he stops. I guess I am back to loving the cats. 

Let me tell you though they are pretty cute and they do make me laugh all the time. Specially when my white cat b***h slaps my chihuahua who thinks she is all mighty, we just die laughing watching that. Anyways I was doing laundry the other day, I put some clothes in the washer and turned around for a second to get more clothes to put in and this is what I found.

He was just chilling in there like nothing ever happened. They are just too funny. 

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