Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I cannot have another child

There is no way that I can have another child for at least 5 years. This week I am watching my niece while my SIL is on her honeymoon and so this has really made me realize more than ever that I cannot function with 2 children at home. I do not know how any mom does it. My house would never be cleaned, I would never shower and the children would love a hot mess. I am not even lying I am just saying how it would really be. Since having baby Jon has said that he wants to wait 2 years to have another one and I though I might be ok with that but after just a few days of 2 children in the house I have now come to the conclusion that there is no way on earth I am having another one until baby is in first grade, not kindergarden but first grade he needs to be out of the house all day for it to work.

Most of my reasoning about this is purely selfish, so here they are. I love getting my nap time during the day. I normally take a nap with baby during one of his afternoon naps and I love it, it totally helps me function. Also I need to be able to wake up late I am not a morning person and so if I am up any time before 7am I will for sure have a bad day. It seems like with 2 children in the house I lose my patience quickly. Right now that is one thing I love about the kind of mother that I am with baby, I have so much patience with him, I have yet not lost it with him but with my niece here it seems like I need to use the TV a lot. Just so you can know my niece is an angel she listens to me for the most part and helps me out but for the few moments she cries and yells and doesn't want to listen I just tell myself that another child for me would not be something wise.


Paola said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. I always thought that I'd try to get all the kids out every two years. Have one, then another in 2 years and maybe one more 2 years after that. Now after having Hayden, I'm not too sure. I definitely want more kids, but I don't know if I would be happy doing that. I love the one on one time that I get to spend with her and I don't know if I could give that kind of attention to a second or even third child if I have them too close together. Right now I'm thinking maybe when Hayden is 3 we'll start to think about #2, but until then I'm just enjoying the time I have with my little angel! I hear you on this!

Laura said...

I feel the same way with another baby I would not get that one on one time that I so much love. I'm glad I am not the only one feeling this way