Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Living Planet Aquarium

Since we had a sleep over at my sister-in-law's we decided we needed to do something fun with all the kids and grandma. We were going to take them to the zoo but the weather wasn't good enough for that to happen. The kids wanted to go swimming but thats a lot of work for everyone involved so we decided going to the aquarium would be the best thing to do with all the kiddos.

Bentley and I got lucky because my mother-in-law paid for us to get a year membership which if we go 2 times it pays for itself which is awesome. Now we have somewhere to go for free whenever we go down to visit his cousins.

I really enjoyed my time there. I went over 2 years ago with Bentley and he kinda liked it but wanted to be held the whole time which made for a miserable time but this time around he loved everything about it. He has recently gotten into fishes and so this was perfect.

We got to touch a shark and some sting rays which is always fun. Bentley was too scared to fully touch the shark, he barely touched it with one finger but it was pretty friendly and would stick its head out for you to touch it, way cool.

Bentley loved seeing the jelly fish which always weird me out. The next favorite was the penguins of course. I got him to look in the cage of the tarantula and he didn't see it at first since it was kinda camouflage but once he saw he freaked out, jumped and hit some guy and run as fast as he could to me, I was laughing so hard. We also go to see an anaconda which freak me out I don't do well with snakes. (My uncle died from a snake bite so growing up we knew snakes were evil.) It was weird seeing the snake living in a cage with fish and sting rays and that they can live together and she won't eat them, I didn't know that about snakes I thought they ate pretty much anything. Our next favorite spot was the frogs, they are pretty neat looking. They even had one that I have seen in Costa Rica just out in the wild, pretty awesome.

We were there forever and the kids loved it. We can't wait to go back now that we have a pass to go whenever.

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