Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wanting a repeat of yesterday

Do you ever have one of those days where everything goes right?

Your hair looks good, the house is cleaned early, exercise out of the way nice and early, no tantrums and even better yet no complaining, whining and you child even helps clean up (which never happens).

Well yesterday was that for me. I woke up early, which might be the reason why it felt like everything went smoothly. By the time Bentley woke up I had already cleaned and folded all my loads of laundry except for 2 which was huge considering I had about 6 loads of laundry that needed folding.

Maybe the fact that by then I wasn't stressing about cleaning or just that Bentley woke up in a fantastic mood but we had a wonderful day. This boy even ate everything I put in front of him which is always a struggle. Oh and how about the fact that he took a nap, only for 45 minutes but a nap nonetheless.

I am desperately trying to recreate yesterday so in the hopes of that I woke up super early and so far I have the whole house cleaned and have now folded those 2 loads of laundry left from yesterday. I am even in the process of making a yummy breakfast.

Lets hope yesterday can happen today but we will see as I am now having to go to the social security office and the health department to figure out Bentley's birth certificate since the last name on it is wrong.

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