Saturday, April 6, 2013

4th birthday party

This year Bentley decided a while ago he wanted a Ninja Turtle themed party. Can I just say that my child likes making my life difficult. I love birthday parties and love making the decorations and favors and everything else that goes along with birthday parties but for some reason he always seems to pick themes that are still not super popular so no one has any party decor that I can go buy. I am left to come up with everything on my own. This year I was going to do party decor but money is tight so the only thing I was letting myself come up with was the party favors. We did the party at a fun center that Bentley loves going to and they had a pretty good deal on a package that was semi-private which meant we would only be there with children younger than 8. It all ended up costing me less than any other party I have thrown him and I think he had the most fun.

For the party favors I knew immediately I wanted to do something with slime and I had a bunch of cute ideas but once I got to making them I was stressing myself out too much and got my brother upset with me along with my husband so I figured it was time to give up and just not make it as cutesy as I wanted to. Oh well there is always next year. I still gave the kids slime but I just put it in a Ninja Turtle cup with a balloon and called it a day. I am sure my husbands prayers were answered when I told him that's what I would do and have to be ok with. 

I cannot say enough about this boy. He is the biggest blessing to have come into Jon and my life. We are so madly in love with him and think he is just the smartest, funniest, silliest, lovable, friendly, caring, cutest.....well he just is everything to us, we think pretty highly of him, can you tell? Everyone that meets him falls in love with him immediately I really think I have a pretty special spirit that was send down to earth just for me who my Heavenly Father knew I would need in this earthly life. Just writing this brings tears of joy to my eyes. I have been blessed by my Heavenly Father more than I deserve, truly. My life is that much richer because he is apart of mine. In only 4 years this boy has thought me more about life and love than anyone ever had in 25 years. I am no longer the same person I was 4 years ago and I only have one person to thank for that and that is this precious little man who 4 years ago made me the happiest mother. I promised myself and this boy that day that I would do everything in my life to make his life a  happy one and to love him no matter what happens in life. He knows at this early of an age that he is loved unconditionally no matter what he does he is loved. I love watching how he treats others and how much love he has for everyone he meets. I can see that the things we are teaching him that are important to both Jon and I are catching on. He treats people like he wants to be treated (most of the time). 

I am certain that as he gets older he will be the life of the party. Check him out busting a move in the pictures above. He is loud, loves to dance to any beat, can talk to anyone and make friends anywhere. I am really enjoying watching this boy grow up. Cannot wait for what the future holds.

My favorite reaction from him today. His tia Lisseti got him some spiderman swimming gear and he was blown away. He didn't even know he wanted this but the second he saw it he flipped and has been wearing it since we got home saying he can't wait to get to Meme's house this summer to go swimming with it. He was beyond spoiled today. I was kinda worried about this summer since money is tight we haven't been able to buy any summer clothes and didn't know how we would but after today we no longer need to worry about it because he is taken care of. Wow, really I am blown away by everyones generosity with my boy. And lets talk about toys for a minutes......completely spoiled. He now has every Ninja Turtle toy they make and that's not a joke. He recently got into Legos due to his best friend and I told a few people and they all went above and beyond with it, more Legos than I think my brothers ever had growing up and he is only 4. I have my husband and brother sitting here building these Legos for him and they are in Heaven, really. 

Let's talk about this picture for a minute. I love my mother-in-law, she made me laugh. I don't know if she did it on purpose or not but she got him a bunch of clothes and put it in a scale box and some other home thing box. When Bentley unwrapped it he was so confused as to why he would need that. The look on his face was priceless and had everyone laughing. Here he gave it to me to pull the stuff out and surprise him. Funny kid.

After the fun center we went back to my mom's house just Bentley and his cousins (since my mom's place is too small for too many people) and had a piƱata waiting for them to go to town with. They had a blast and we laughed watching them all go at it. 

All in all everyone that came I think had a blast, I know the kids did and that's really all that matters right? What a fun party and fun day we had. So grateful to everyone that took time out of their busy lives to come and give some love to our boy means the world to Jon and I.

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